For small and medium size organisations, Web based applications like provide a much more cost effective way to deliver effective IT to your business.

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Our suite of Business Applications are specifically designed for small and mid-size organisations and are delivered via Software-as-a-Service, therefore removing the traditional requirements of having hardware to maintain and software to install and support. With our CRM Editions you are able to join-up sales, marketing and customer services to enjoy one, consistent view of your customer engagement.


People & Organisations

Record information about all the people and organisations you do business with and categorise and sort your information based on roles and interests.


Capture leads directly from your website into Workbooks using the web to lead functionality. You can create different forms to capture different types of leads and also track which Marketing Campaign generate the lead.


Opportunities are assigned to Sales Reps or Queues and allow you to track close dates, opportunity stages and percentages. You can store individual product line items against an opportunity, including cost and sales prices, enabling you to track revenue and gross margin. Opportunity stages can be customised to support your sales process.

Customer Invoices & Credit Notes

Convert your Sales Orders into Invoices at a click of a button using Workbooks. Invoices can be created in multiple currencies and can be converted into PDF Output Documents.

Contract Management

Contract Management is a module that allows customers to maintain and manage customer contracts within Workbooks.

Customer Sales Orders

With a single click you can convert a Quotation into a Sales Order, copying across all the relevant line items and customer details. As Sales Orders are stored alongside your customer information, your sales team can track the process of orders as they are fulfilled.


Create real time management dashboards to track key business information, which can include charts, graphs and reports.

Pricing Schemes

Pricing Schemes build upon the Product Book Feature to give you greater control over pricing and which products can be purchased from Suppliers. Customer Pricing Schemes allow you to define different pricing for the same item, enabling you to support volume prices or promotional discounts.


Notifications enable you to keep on top of the thing you need to do, such as follow-up activities, or if you have been assigned a task.

Outlook Connector

A plug-in application for Outlook which provides automatic synchronisation of Contacts, Activities and Emails with Workbooks.



With applications delivered on-line, all the complexity of the underlying IT is no longer your problem. At our customers don’t worry about upgrading hardware, or which operating system version supports which database, or which VPN will work.

Guaranteed Levels of Service

We guarantee your applications will be available 99.5% of the time. In the event we don’t deliver (which has not happened to date) there are penalties to be paid by us.

Cost Effective Pricing

There are a number of reasons why we are able to deliver ‘enterprise class’ applications to our customers at a much more cost effective price than traditional software. Including the fact our infrastructure is shared across multiple customers, so there isn’t the cost of unused I.T.. Because we don’t ship traditional software and have a controlled environment we don’t have to test our software with different versions of operating systems and databases, or write installations manuals or write upgrade guides for our customers. All these reasons allow us to produce solutions at a much more cost effective price.


We run two geographically separate datacenters which contain the I.T. infrastructure to deliver our applications. Both datacenters have virtually identical equipment and your data is automatically replicated between the two. So in the unfortunate event that a disaster occurs such as a bomb or a fire in one of the centers, the second datacenter can continue delivering the Workbooks service. In addition to this highly available infrastructure we maintain a rolling backup of your data. All our customers benefit from this common infrastructure, although we do keep each customers’ data in a separate database to ensure your data remains confidential.

Long Term Customer Relationship

We charge you an annual fee for the service. The truth is by the time we take into account the sales and marketing costs of acquiring a new customers and the money we have already spent on the infrastructure we don’t make any profit in the first year of the relationship. So it’s important that you stay with us for several years.


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