Whether you sell direct, through channel partners, VARS or distributors, or through self-service on the web, BigMachines offers product configuration, quoting, proposal and ecommerce solutions to help you sell more and sell faster.

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From individuals and small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, people use Box because it is simple, secure and it performs. Suitable for people wanting to enjoy all the benefits of managing their content in the cloud.


Workflow Approvals.

Route orders for review & approval, ensure 100% accuracy and eliminate approval bottlenecks with automated workflow.

Channel Management.

Standardise and enhance the sales process for your channel partners, VARs and distributors.

Order Execution.

Use BigMachines to eliminate manual and repeated data entry into multiple systems.

Product Catalogue.

Create an online Product Catalogue with unlimited depth and content.

Product Configurator.

Ensure 100% accurate quotes and orders and eliminate data-entry errors.

Pricing and Quoting.

Ensure consistent application of your pricing and discounting rules, and automatically generate customer-friendly quotes in multiple formats.

Proposal Generator.

Create, customize and brand proposals for your sales reps, channel partners or sales channels, and customers.

Contract Execution.

Automate contracts, route contracts for approvals and signatures, store contracts with accounts or opportunities and analyse contract trends.

B2B ecommerce.

Build a self-service, B2B guided selling and configuration platform for your customers to shop online with BigMachines ecommerce Engine.


Improve quote management, forecasting, and product management with better information and insights provided by BigMachines Reporting 2.0.

Guided Selling.

Guide your users to the optimal products and options based on customer needs with guided selling functionality.


Stay in control and configure products and services, generate accurate quotes, eliminate pricing errors and automate approval processes.

Standardise and streamline your sales processes for your channel sales as well as your sales team.

Online selling made easy. You can create a powerful, branded B2B ecommerce site offering guided selling, product configuration, shopping carts and more.

Simple from the start. Easy setup, maintenance and integration with leading CRM & ERP systems including Salesforce, Oracle, Microsoft and SAP.

Easily configurable our integrated platform solutions let you quickly configure products and services to create accurate quotes and proposals, control complex pricing, mange orders and much more.

Access on demand thanks to a web 2.0 interface. BigMachines is accessible from any internet-enabled browser.


BigMachines Ultimate edition

Streamline your entire sales organisation, not only for inside sales, but also for your channel sales, outside sales representatives and value-added resellers. Plus with the ability to put sales tools on the web for direct access by your customers you’ll have everything in the Enterprise Edition, plus an unlimited number of commerce processes and attributes, EAI Middleware Integration, private pods for hosting and test environments, and much more.

BigMachines Enterprise Edition

With features that meet the needs of many large organizations this edition includes the BigMachines Sales Engine, Channel Sales Engine and most of the features available in the BigMachines ecommerce Engine as well as a full Admin Platform and more.

BigMachines Professional Edition

Offering companies of all sizes the ability to streamline processes and improve efficiencies of their sales force, this edition offers scalability and room to grow. Perfect for many smaller and mid-size companies it includes guided selling, product configuration, pricing and quoting, and much more

BigMachines Lite Edition

Bring pricing, quoting and order management capabilities to your sales team with BigMachines Lite. Easily generate accurate and professional proposals and quotes and integrate BigMachines Lite Edition with leading CRM systems, ensuring that you get maximum value from your investment.

BigMachines QuickConfig

This is the ideal choice if you are looking to enhance Salesforce Real-time Quotes by adding basic configuration functionality. QuickConfig uses guided selling to deliver sales quotes that include the optimal product mix as well as accurate pricing.

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"Now our salespeople spend much
less time trying to get quotes
out and more time meeting with
customers. We think we will have
paid for the new system in the first year"

Rodney Hawkins VP Product
Management, Merge Healthcare.


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