BroadCoast introduces Backupify, data protection for Google and Salesforce Customers

Monday, December 09, 2013

Broadcoast is pleased to announce that it has partnered with Backupify to offer its clients with a secure and automatic second copy of their Google Apps and Salesforce data.  As I.T. professionals, we couldn’t imagine deploying an on-premise application without backups.   Now we can protect our cloud data just as easily and securely.

Two thirds of all data losses of cloud data are because of user error.  An independent backup service like Backupify protects you from data losses due to hacking, accidental or malicious deletions, and other unforeseen problems.  Backupify automatically protects your Google Apps and Salesforce data in Amazon’s high-availability storage cloud, and makes your archives available for one-click restores or for download.

Today over 6,000 organizations, including Rice University, the Financial Times, Xero Software, Logitech, Linden Lab and tumblr rely on Backupify to protect over 1.8 billion emails and 1 petabyte of data.

Backupify offers very affordable packages for companies of all sizes.  Contact us for a free trial of the service and see how easy it would be to rest assured that your critical data is there when you need it.